On August 10, the Peasant Organization (PO) “SANS LE PAYSAN” received a set of processing equipment. The reception was preceded by training for its members on the management of social and community facilities.

The objective was to induce the members of the PO to take ownership of the techniques of management of the socio-collective infrastructures or infrastructures.
This donation of processing equipment is consistent with the objective that CREDI has set for the Farmers’ Organizations. In its dynamic development CREDI is committed to bringing the Farmers’ Organizations it accompanies to increase their income by 40%.

“The material received will allow us to go further than the production we made by transforming ourselves the cassava we produce,” said Akuyo, a member of “SANS LE PAYSAN”.
“SANS LE PAYSAN” is a peasant organization made up of about ten members from the village of Agotimé (Préfecture de l’Avé), which produces lilies, cassava and maize.