In the context of sustainable family farming, CREDI works to increase the production and income of both food producers and farmers, with a view to ensuring their food security and obtaining decent incomes for the improvement of their living conditions. Thus at the level of:

Plant production

CREDI works for the promotion of cooperatives and agricultural entrepreneurship by:

  • The structuring of organizations of food producers into food production, processing and marketing cooperatives,
  • Strengthening the capacity of agricultural producers and cooperatives in sustainable crop production, processing and marketing,
  • Regenerating the degraded land with woody and herbaceous legumes, animal wastes, crop residues,
  • Promotion of the tomato growing in Avé Prefecture and the cassava sector in the Prefecture of Vo.

In other words, accompanying these producers in:

  • Implementation of sustainable strategies,
  • The use of adequate means,
  • The application of efficient technique of production and valorization.

Animal production

Against the backdrop of a dynamics of professionalization and agricultural entrepreneurship, CREDI supports poultry farmers (chickens, guinea fowl, ducks), small ruminants (sheep and goats) and pigs farmers in:

  • The structuring of breeders in cooperatives,
  • Improving their practices in breeding of animals by:
  • Vaccination of poultry and small ruminants
  • The administration of care for sick animals,
  • The balanced diet of animals.