The Center for Action Research for the Environment and Integrated Development (CREDI) is an association of law 1901 created in June 1997 in Lomé. CREDI is recognized as a development NGO under number 196 / MPATHU / 2000 and has signed a Program Agreement with the Government of Togo.


Our mission consists in working for the sustainable development of populations living in rural and urban areas in Togo through actions in support of food security and access to basic health services.

Areas of intervention

CREDI intervenes in Togo, mainly in the Maritime and Plateau regions.


  • Promoting sustainable family farming
  • Strengthen the capacity of local actors in the sustainable management of natural resources
  • Facilitating community access to quality health care

Shared values within our organization

  • Promoting professionalism and excellence
  • Team spirit and sharing
  • Transparency.

Management organs

  • The General Assembly: it’s the supreme organ of the association which defines its policy is composed of all its members and meets once a year;
  • The Board of Directors: the governing part of the association. The Board meets every four (4) months, therefore three (3) times a year;
  • The Executive Directorate (DE): it’s the operational organ responsible for implementing the association’s projects / programs. It meets once a quarter but can also meet as many times as necessary for optimal project management and strong results

A firm audits the accounts of CREDI.