Integrated Disaster and Land Management: A Workshop for Environmental Professionals

As part of the implementation of the Integrated Disaster Management and Land Management (IWRM) project, a training workshop for civil society and government officials on Sustainable Land Management , Disaster Risk Management and Adaptation to Climate Change from 25 to 30 April 2016 at the National Institute of Agricultural Training (INFA) in Tové in the plateaux region.

The training was attended by some 30 participants from the Institutes of Technical Advice and Support (ICAT), non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working in the field of agriculture or environmental protection, agricultural entrepreneurs and of producers from cooperatives.

Eight modules were developed during these 06 days:

  • introduction to sustainable land management, disaster risk management and climate change,
  • agronomic practices,
  • the physical arrangements,
  • biological or plant practices,
  • techniques for the production of forest seedlings,
  • zootechnical practices,
  • combined practices,
  • other good practices.

The various modules addressed included a clear understanding of the fundamentals and issues of sustainable land management (SLM), disaster risk management (DRM) and adaptation to climate change (CC), exchanges on agronomic practices and practical exercises on a technique: composting, exchanges on techniques and stages of creation of a nursery and production of seedlings.
The CREDI technicians present at the workshop have, on their return, organized a restitution session in order to share with the other agents of the field the different techniques learned.
Organized for technicians working in the field of agriculture and environmental protection, this workshop is an opportunity for professionals in the field to share experience and renew knowledge.