This sector has been subdivided into three sub-sectors: support for the provision of care, sanitation and support for the establishment and management of mutual health insurance schemes.

Providing care: supporting community health

This action involves getting communities to improve their health by facilitating geographical access to health care by setting up, equipping and managing community health centers. It consists of:

  • The organization of communities in the setting up of a health center,
  • Strengthening the capacity of the health mobilization and management organs,
  • The construction of health center buildings,
  • Preventive, promotional and curative health education,
  • The provision of basic health care.


CREDI works in this field by:

  • Education on sanitation and the sanitation of the living environment,
  • The establishment and management of socio-community health and hygiene infrastructures (health centers, water points, latrines…).

Support to the establishment and management of Health Mutuals
Still in order to facilitate financial access to primary health care, CREDI supports the setting up of health mutuals by:

  • The structuring of groups organized in health mutual,
  • Support in the design of awareness, marketing and mutuals management tools,
  • Training of mutualists and health care providers in the care system and procedures for access to health care and services,
  • The setting up and training of the members of the mutuals management bodies.
  • The technical and financial management of the mutuals.