Projects in progress

Project title Support program for the development of sustainable agriculture and community health in the prefectures of Avé, Golf and Vo (Maritime Region -Togo).
Period 2015 to 2017.
Financial partners Brot für die Welt (Bread for the World).
Technical partners Devolved State services.
Overall goal Contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the men and women of the prefectures of Avé, Golf and Vo.
Specific objectives 1-Increase the monetary income of producers (farmers as livestock producers) and agricultural cooperatives in the prefectures of Vo and Avé on the one hand and on the other hand to reforest school and family plots,

2-Increase the utilization rate of the Klémé health center and reduce the morbidity rate associated with water-borne diseases and the faecal peril of men, women and children in CREDI intervention areas,

3- Faciliter l’accès financier aux soins de santé de qualité aux populations de la préfecture de Vo.

Target group
Producers, agricultural cooperatives, breeders, reforestation schools, households, the population of the villages of the prefectures of Vo and Avé and the populations of the health centers of the health centers of Afidényigba, Sagadakopé (in the prefecture of Vo) And Klémé (in the Gulf prefecture).
Expected results or impacts
  • The supported cooperatives are functional and have increased their production, processing and marketing capacities,
  • the built health center is functional (preventive, curative and promotional care) in Klémé, in the prefecture of the Golf,
  • Family latrines are built for a dozen households,
  • Members of the mutual health association of Vo are taken care of.


Project title Innovative partnership model for the promotion of microinsurance in the Municipality of Lomé in Togo
Period From 2013 to the present day.
Financial partners AFD (Agence Française de Développement) and PplM (Pain pour le Monde)
Technical partners Devolved State services
Implementation partners CIDR (Centre International de Développement et de Recherche)
Objectives Promote microinsurance products adapted to the demands of low-income households covering personal risks (health, accidents, death) and managed according to a partnership model involving organized groups, risk carriers (mutual and private insurance) and health care providers.
Target group
Schools (students), low-income households, organized groups, microfinance institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises,  and many other organized groups in the municipality of Lomé.
Expected results or impacts Accident and death microinsurance products, adapted to the demand of the target group, are designed and offered to organized groups in the city of Lomé,

Organized groups provide marketing and distribution of microinsurance products.